5 Steps to Becoming an Illustrator

Illustrators are known to be very creative people. Different people would want to be illustrators for their reasons. Some want to be illustrators as a profession while the vacancies in the job market motivate others. Here are the steps which can lead you to be an illustrator.


Step 1: Determine your strength


Illustrators use their creative skills in doing what other people can admire. For instance, they come up with different designs which can be used for event branding. There is no given training that can teach creativity. God gives it. Therefore, before you get to pursue illustration, ask yourself if you are creative enough to come up with something attractive and unique. If you can, then you are the best person to have a goal to become an illustrator.


Step 2: Go for training

It is through training that your skills can be improved. You will be able to learn some things which can help you develop the skills that you already have. For instance, it is through the training that you will be able to learn about the software that would otherwise be of importance. You can know how to use the Adobe suite and other software. Without the training, you can only have the skill which is never polished.

(Go for training: long term benefits of running for aspiring runners!)

Step 3: Create a portfolio


Every design you come up with is fundamental. You can use them to build a portfolio which can be online. Out of the collection, one can know whether you are improving in your work or not. Additionally, the portfolio will always attract clients for you. Someone will look at it online and hire you.


Step 4: Seek for a platform for practice


A platform for practice may be employment or freelance. It is you to choose on the one you desire. Either choice you make, it will always the portfolio that will advocate for you. You may end up being called for interviews, but for your interviewers to know how active you are, they will check on the portfolio and so do not give untrue designs in your portfolio.


Step 5: Display your art


There are many platforms that you could use to display your art. Some functions like the national exhibitions are some of the platforms you could use to show your creativity. You may not get instant clients in such events, but it is important that you give your business card to people who come viewing your art. They may turn out to be your future clients.